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Key Benefits

♦ No PBX Epuipment.
♦ No Upfront Costs.
♦ No Maintenance Contracts.
♦ Simple to Use.

Quality Guarantee

We are convinced that our Virtual VOIP Solution, is so Good that we will not get you to sign any contracts - you can cancel any time. Learn more...

Why A Virtual PBX

A fully customiseable PBX with advanced features including

  • Voice mail
  • Music On Hold
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Conferencing
  • Three way calling.
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call waiting.
  • Find Me / Follow Me.
  • Call Transfer.
  • Call forwarding
  • Speed Dial
  • Video Calls
Low Cost VOIP Phone Calls With A Virtual PBX And No Setup Expense.

Finally - Get the Latest IP Telephony Technology without the need to purchase, administer, or manage an in-house system.

There are no contracts

Are you tired of being held to ransom by your telephone providers?  I know I am. Like you I used to get phone bills with outrageously high local calls, and unusual additional charges. What can you do – if you dispute the charges and don’t pay you get cut off.

Have you ever been in the middle of a "not my problem" fight between your telco and your phone system provider ?

This is why I have setup Virtual PBX. There is no telco, there is no onsite phone system. We host your phone system hardware in a virtual environment. Every phone call is itemised, and can be monitored daily via our web interface.

VirtualPBX Office is the perfect solution for businesses looking to migrate to the very latest IP Telephony technology without the need to purchase, administer, or manage an in-house system.


Other benefits of Virtual PABX Office

  • Maintain all your existing PSTN phone numbers
  • Combine all office locations into a single call group
  • Carrier Class / Feature rich IP PABX
  • Low cost local and long distance calling
  • Scales from 2 handsets to hundreds
  • Includes voicemail and multi-party conferencing
  • Voicemail to Email and much more
  • Full online account management
  • National single number reachability
  • Acts as your own Virtual Private Voice Network (VPN)
  • Scales to businesses of any size
  • Have phones at your or your staffs home – they can answer the phones and transfer as if in the office
  • Even answer the phone on your computer or laptop
  • Business Advantages

  • Requires zero to minimal capital outlay
  • Business class voice quality based on the Prodial Network
  • Reduced monthly service fees including low call rates.
  • Seamless integration with minimal disruption to existing service
  • Fully expandable – limitless number of extensions
  • Fully secure voice network
  • Full web based account management
  • View your call records online at any time
  • Save, as all ON NET calls are free to other Prodial subscribers
  • Centrally manage national inbound numbers through a single point
  • Slash the cost of multiple PSTN line rental
  • Advertise a single number locally or nationally
  • Save Time, by adding new telephone extensions in hours – not days
  • Increased efficiency and productivity for all users
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