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Key Benefits

♦ No PBX Epuipment.
♦ No Upfront Costs.
♦ No Maintenance Contracts.
♦ Simple to Use.

Quality Guarantee

We are convinced that our Virtual VOIP Solution, is so Good that we will not get you to sign any contracts - you can cancel any time. Learn more...

Why A Virtual PBX

A fully customiseable PBX with advanced features including

  • Voice mail
  • Music On Hold
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Conferencing
  • Three way calling.
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call waiting.
  • Find Me / Follow Me.
  • Call Transfer.
  • Call forwarding
  • Speed Dial
  • Video Calls

Do It Your Self

We use high quality Polycom phones. Prior to shipping the phones we will contact you to get the relevant site details and preconfigure and ship them to you ready to plug in.

We will then send you a simple install guide on how to setup and configure the phones.

Professional Installations

Whilst our phone systems are plug and play, for some sites a more professional installation will be required.

If you require cabling, routers, firewalls or would prefer us to do the installation then we are happy to do this.

We will have you up and running in no time

Our installation professionals will perform the following services:


1 Site Assessment

  • System configuration with a certified installation partner before installation date. Your installation manager will be dedicated to your installation from start to finish.

    Your account manager will perform site verification for each site. This includes a ping test, latency, and bandwidth calculation.

2 Site Installation

  • Your installation manager will work with you to determine the best placement of router and telephones.
  • Cable new extensions where necessary.
  • Un-box all equipment and perform power on test to ensure that all is in working order.
  • Enable network connection using the VoIP Router to your ADSL / SHDSL / Cable Modem.
  • Enable network connection from the VoIP Router to all IP Telephone Handsets.



3 Service Testing and Training

  • Program online account extensions including user information into telephone handsets.
  • Perform test calls from each extension to verify that system is working correctly.
  • Perform test calls to telephone numbers outside of the phone system to ensure that all is working perfectly.
  • Perform training on voicemail and calling features to familiarise all users with their new telephones and services.
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