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8 Default Styles

Equinox is packaged with 8 lightweight styles to appeal to anyone's colour preferences. These are easily interchangeable in the index.php via a configurable toggle. Learn more...

Module Variations

10 Module Variations are packaged with Equinox to allow you to present your Joomla Modules in a fashion fitting of the template design. Learn more...

Rocket Launcher Pack

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Key Benefits

♦ No PBX Epuipment.
♦ No Upfront Costs.
♦ No Maintenance Contracts.
♦ Simple to Use.

Quality Guarantee

We are convinced that our Virtual VOIP Solution, is so Good that we will not get you to sign any contracts - you can cancel any time. Learn more...

Why A Virtual PBX

A fully customiseable PBX with advanced features including

  • Voice mail
  • Music On Hold
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Conferencing
  • Three way calling.
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call waiting.
  • Find Me / Follow Me.
  • Call Transfer.
  • Call forwarding
  • Speed Dial
  • Video Calls
Virtual Office PBX

Virtual Office Features


Personalised voicemail enables callers to leave messages on your phone. Prodial’s voicemail permits you to record your own outgoing message, so that when calls are routed to your voicemail after a selected number of rings, they will hear your greeting and have the option to leave a message.

Music on Hold

The Music On Hold service enables subscribers to hear music while their call is put on hold. Simple to setup and managed by uploading your audio files through your account

Voicemail to Email

Prodial Virtual Office allows you to receive email notification with the actual message attached as an audio file every time you receive a voicemail message. You will be able to forward voicemails to others as an email attachment or even save them for future reference.

Multi-Party Conferencing

Imagine having a multiparty conference with up to 20 staff from anywhere in Australia. As long as they are an extension on your internal VPN network, all they need to do is to dial a dedicated extension number to join the conference – Simple!

Three-Way Calling

Three-way calling allows you to create an instant conference call between yourself and two other external parties.

Hunt Groups

Never miss a call again by having your caller forwarded to up to 5 different numbers, ringing each line for an amount of time you specify.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting permits callers to get through to you even when you are on another call. An audible beep indicating an incoming call will notify you of a new caller, then you can put your current caller on hold and answer the new call. You can continue to alternate between parties as often as you like.

Find Me / Follow Me

If you simple can’t afford to miss a call, this feature allows the call to divert to a group of assigned numbers. One of these numbers is selected as the default number. All the calls are forwarded to this number. In case any call is not answered, the call is forwarded to the remaining numbers stored in the list. If these attempts fail, the calls are diverted to your personal voicemail.

Call Transfer

Simple to use by pressing ## then dial the new extension to transfer the caller.

Call Hold

Allows you to place a current call on hold. You can then answer another ringing telephone, make an outgoing call, or retrieve a waiting call.

Call Park / Pickup

Call Park allows you to put a caller on hold, and retrieve the call from a different telephone.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding gives you the flexibility of being able to forward any calls that come in to another phone number of your choice via a simple to use web based configuration tool. Forward your home number to your office while you’re at work and never miss another call again! When your in the office you can choose to forward calls based on other conditions. Example: ‘On Busy’ or ‘On No Answer’

Do Not Disturb

Never be interrupted while you are in a meeting again! Prodial allows you to set, on a daily basis, periods where you can select for calls to either get a busy signal or go directly to voicemail.

Call Blocking

Avoid unwanted calls by choosing to reject all incoming calls that you know or have their caller ID set to ‘anonymous’.

Speed Dialing

Do you have a long list of frequently called numbers? With Speed Dialing you can save frequent numbers as a code. Each code is associated with a given phone number and is accessed on your Speed Dial list.

Peer to Peer Video Calls

Talk face to face! Peer to Peer Video Conferencing is suitable for users who have extra bandwidth to carry video data. This feature requires compatible video devices at each end.

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