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Key Benefits

♦ No PBX Epuipment.
♦ No Upfront Costs.
♦ No Maintenance Contracts.
♦ Simple to Use.

Quality Guarantee

We are convinced that our Virtual VOIP Solution, is so Good that we will not get you to sign any contracts - you can cancel any time. Learn more...

Why A Virtual PBX

A fully customiseable PBX with advanced features including

  • Voice mail
  • Music On Hold
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Conferencing
  • Three way calling.
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call waiting.
  • Find Me / Follow Me.
  • Call Transfer.
  • Call forwarding
  • Speed Dial
  • Video Calls
Additional Services

Connection Fees / Line Fees      

SIP Account activation fee*         $20.00 ex

* Activation fee waived for 12 month contract  


Number Porting              

Number porting allows you to bring your existing number accross to a VOIP line. A simple port is moving single lines, that is you have nothing else on the line - including ADSL, Faxstream, or line rotation. Complex is an line that has additional services on it.

Single Number (Simple Port)      $35.00 ex

Single Number (Complex Port)   $85.00 ex

100 Number Range (Complex)   $175.00 ex

Other Batches or Ranges (Complex)        POA


Voicemail / Unified Communications     

Voicemail account setup               $5.00

Voicemail account per month     $2.50


IP Centrex          

Activation fee per IP Phone        $55.00

Monthly charge per IP Phone     $19.50


1300/1800 Inbound Services      

Activation fee                 $50.00

Monthly fee 1300            $10.00

Monthly fee 1800            $17.50

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